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Operations & finance

Mission, vision and values

The primary aim of Tero Saarinen Company’s operations is to promote a humane worldview and basic human values through the language of dance, while also increasing people’s understanding of their own physicality and its significance for a good life. Its operating principles (Attentive, Aware, Alert, Alive) apply not only to the creative process, but to all of the organisation’s activities.

Tero Saarinen Company will continue on its path as one of the world’s leading dance groups. The company's international status is based not only on unique works of art, but also on humane values, open interaction and the courage to step out of our comfort zone.

Tero Saarinen Company’s basic values are: a sense of community, openness, appreciation of hard work, and uncompromising high quality.

General strategy

The artistic aim is to use choreography, music and visual design to give people profound experiences in the form of enduring, total artworks – open, interactive situations that allow audience members to address fundamental human questions.

The aim of management and production is to assist in the achievement of the artistic goals. A long-term vision is to further the realisation of the Company’s mission by developing its artistic work to suit various formats and distribution channels and, develop its various dance related expertise into services. The finance strategy incorporates a wide variety of funding solutions, including from unconventional sources.

A creative network structure 

Tero Saarinen Company operates as a network organisation typical of the creative sector: only eleven of the group’s members are on regular monthly salary, but each year up to 80 professionals from different fields and various parts of the world also work with the group on specific productions or on out-of-house service contracts. 

Tero Saarinen Company’s production, performance and teaching operations are run by a registered non-profit association, Into liikkeessä (Passion in Motion), the purpose of which is to promote and develop dance studies and performance activities in Finland and abroad. Membership of the association is open to everyone who is interested in dance. Reima Jokinen chairs the board. The association became eligible for regular state subsidy – under the Finnish Theatre and Orchestra Act – in 2004.

Poetry in Motion Oy, a non-profit company owned by Tero Saarinen, is responsible for the creation and licensing of Tero Saarinen’s works to other groups, along with the manufacture of merchandise.

Tero Saarinen Company is the resident company of the Alexander Theatre in Helsinki. In addition to performances of its small to mid scale works, the company's rehearsal studio, office and storage spaces are located in the building.

Key figures and activities

Tero Saarinen Company puts on an average of 30–40 performances a year. The company has performed in a total of 40 countries on all continents. 

The group also runs an international teaching programme. Each year, several workshops, master classes and community outreach projects, all based on Saarinen's movement technique, are held around the globe. In addition, choreographer Saarinen’s work is spreading through creations for other companies around the world.

In 2016, Tero Saarinen Company has activities in eight countries around the world: Canada, China, Germany, Japan, Mexico, Sweden, the USA and Finland. The average number of audience per the group's own performance in 2016 was 919. Audience outreach and educational activities reached a total of 8 637 participants. 

The total income from the group’s production, performance and teaching operations in 2016 was MEUR 1,0 The state subsidy for these activities was 40% and operating subsidy from the City of Helsinki 9%.

As a reference, the average income structure for other companies subsidised by the Finnish Theatre and Orchestra Act (57) in for example 2015 was: state and city subsidies 70%, income from performances 23 %, other income 5 %. (Source: Finnish Theatre Information Centre: Theatre statistics 2015)

Public subsidies for dance in Finland

In 2015, 57 theatres were subsidised by the Act, eleven of them working with dance. Compared with theatre and music, public funding for dance in Finland has so far been small. In 2015, 97% of state support went to theatre and 3% to dance. The funding shortfall built into the law particularly affects dance groups and centres.

In terms of audience figures, in 2015, drama theatres received state subsidies of EUR 29.33 per audience member, while state subsidy for dance theatres, groups and centres was EUR 18.12 per audience member. The subsidies received by established drama theatres from the City of Helsinki in 2015 were EUR 19.72 per audience member. The corresponding figure for dance companies and centres was EUR 4.09 and for Tero Saarinen Company it was EUR 2.52 per audience member. (Source: Finnish Theatre Information Centre: Theatre statistics 2015)


Annual Reports

The annual reports of  Passion in Motion, registred association, can be downloaded here (only in Finnish):

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