Marina Belova

Musician (Lute) – Helsinki Baroque Orchestra

Lute player Marina Belova studied with Andrey Chernyshov, and together they are the founders and teachers of the First Lute Russian School. Her repertoire includes pieces for renaissance and baroque lute of the 16th to18th centuries, as well as music for theorbo and baroque guitar.

She performs as a guest musician with various ensembles and orchestras, such as Alta Capella, Gnessin Baroque, Pratum Integrum, Musica Viva, Questa Musica, Helsinki Baroque Orchestra, and others. In 2019 Marina won the 1st prize at the international lute competition “Maurizio Pratola” in L’Aquila, Italy. She gives a course of “Traditions of performing baroque music” at the Kosygin State University of Russia. Belova’s collaboration with Tero Saarinen Company started in 2021 on the cast of Third Practice.

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