Loopit is Tero Saarinen’s 20th anniversary gift to Dance Theatre MD. Marking a departure from Saarinen’s recent, large-scale works, Loopit is an intimate and experimental limited-audience piece that examines the relationship between a dance performer and an audience while exploring the performance space itself. Drawing inspiration from the 1947 literary classic Exercises in Style by French author Raymond Queneau, Loopit focuses on the unfinished, repetitive and topsy-turvy nature of the human condition. Tero Saarinen turns Exercises in Style into a looped choreography set to the tune of songs of The Tiger Lillies.
90 minutes
February 4, 2017, Dance Theatre MD, Tampere, Finland
Dance Theatre MD (Finland) in collaboration with Tero Saarinen Company

History behind the collaboration

Dance Theatre Dansco, MD’s predecessor, was the first company to commission a full evening creation from the then up-and-coming young choreographer Tero Saarinen. The result, Charm 1 (1993), also marked the beginning of Saarinen’s collaboration with lighting designer Mikki Kunttu.

In 1997, the year when the dance theatres Mobita and Dansco merged to form Dance Theatre MD, Charm 1 was performed to celebrate Mobita’s 25th anniversary. The performance was taped for television by the Finnish Broadcasting Company.


Choreography Tero Saarinen
Music  The Tiger Lillies
Lighting and set design Ville Konttinen
Costume Design Erika Turunen
Choreographer’s Assistants Sini Länsivuori, Henrikki Heikkilä
Sound design Tero Saarinen, Henri Puolitaival
Set construction design Teemu Kiiskilä
Light technician Sari Mayer
Costume realization Osk Työhuone Hengari
Dance Suvi Eloranta, Elina Jakowleva, Anniina Kumpuniemi, Ville Oinonen, Samuli Roininen ja Mari Rosendahl