Tero Saarinen’s third Stravinsky interpretation, Mariage, received its world premiere in Nancy, France in December 2007. In Mariage, Saarinen concentrates on the sorrow, loss and eternal drama present in Stravinsky’s Les Noces.
--- breathes new life into Stravinsky's score --- this choreography is exciting and alive!
- Dance Light Magazine (France), 2008
24 minutes
14 December, 2007, Nancy, France
CN – Ballet de Lorraine with Opéra National de Lorraine


Choreography Tero Saarinen
Music Igor Stravinsky, Les Noces
Lighting and set design Mikki Kunttu
Costume design Erika Turunen
Choreographer’s Assistant Anu Sistonen
Rehearsal Director Henrikki Heikkilä
Repetitor Maria Nurmela

``-- Saarinen’s Mariage is a winner --``

- Ballet 2000 (France), 2008

``The modernity of this contemporary work is executed with extreme sophistication -- in the set design, the splendid costumes, and finally the choreography -- Due to this creation the evening ended in a “crescendo” – a captivating confrontation of two interpretations of the same work (by Nijinska and Saarinen).``

- ResMusica (France), 2007

``Tero Saarinen triumphs at Paris Dance Festival -- The use of space (in Mariage) is masterly and the visual impact awesome. (Saarinen) has created an elegant, intensely powerful work in this brilliant re-reading -- Saarinen, who is surely becoming one of today's most interesting choreographers, succeeded in bringing out all the sadness, pathos and fears for the future inherent in the score.``

- Culturekiosque (France/USA), 2008