Tero Saarinen’s movement language, with its influences from Asian dance traditions, collides with traditional Finnish music in MESH. The creation, originally premiered by 20 Japanese dancers in 2014, explores themes such as communality and outsiderness. An intense interpretation by the Screaming Men’s Choir (Mieskuoro Huutajat) meets choreographer Saarinen’s vision of humanity and of our time, in which militant, nationalistic forces are raising their voices.

The work entered TSC repertoire in 2016. The Company’s own strong contingent of soloists were joined on stage by Japanese Butoh dancer Mitsutake Kasai, and promising young talents from the Finnish National Ballet School and Youth Company, and the Theatre Academy of the University of the Arts Helsinki.

“harmonius triumph of art through collaboration”
- Auditorium
30 minutes
February 2, 2014, Saitama Arts Theater, Tokyo, Japan
Saitama Dance Association and Saitama Theater


Choreography Tero Saarinen
Music collage (Martti Pokela, Jaakko Mäntyjärvi, Pekka Jalkanen, Petri Sirviö/trad.)
Lighting and set design Iwashina Takeaki
Costume design Izumi Miyamura
Choreographer’s Assistants Satu Halttunen, Henrikki Heikkilä

“(The music) raised the intensity to poundingly ferocious levels. --- It embodied all that is Saarinen is capable of at his best: a vision that is challenging in its movements, plumbing the depths and the heights, and lit by the moment of now in dance.”

– Helsingin Sanomat, 15 October 2016

Critic’s choice: ”Choreographer of the year” (Based on performances of works MESH, VORTEX and Borrowed Light in 2013/2014)

– Tanz, Yearbook 2014, Akiko Tachiki (Germany)

“MESH is an audio-visual work that touches on all levels --- Tero Saarinen’s ability to visualise the different nuances of communality with dance is particularly astonishing.”

– Turun Sanomat, Kaisa Kurikka, 13 October 2016

“Suggestiveness and energy attain great range in MESH --- (The dancers) have the formal skills, but that does not stop their personalities coming through.”

– Hufvudstadsbladet, 14 October 2016

”Shockingly superb, humbling and touching, thank you all!”

- Facebook feedback 2016

“There is a pinch of magic in dance. At least, if it’s by the fantastic @TeroSaarinenCo! #visithelsinki”

- Twitter comment, 2016

”I’m still thinking about MESH... It was truly fantastic to experience dance that touched both my bodily thinking as well as my emotions.”

- Email feedback, 2016