The Seven Sins

Seven deadly sins in the hands of seven top choreographers! In October 2024, TSC brings the creation The Seven Sins, a production by German Gauthier Dance//Dance Company Theaterhaus Stuttgart, to Dance House Helsinki. Each of the choreographers transposes one mortal sin into a dance piece and the result is an iniquitous, yet unmissable evening.

The evening features choreographies by Aszure Barton, Sidi Larbi Cherkaoui, Sharon Eyal, Marco Goecke, Marcos Morau, Hofesh Shechter and Sasha Waltz.

Only 3 performances 10–12 October! Get your tickets here.

The performance includes the use of strong strobe lights.

About the creation

The theme of the deadly sins has fascinated me ever since I saw the superb David Fincher thriller Seven in the cinema in 1995. What a journey into the heart of darkness! I remembered the film when I started planning this production. I have had very good experiences with mottos for our programmes. They open up a great space for associations, for the artistic team as well as for audiences. The important thing is that they also allow a lot of freedom. And you can be dead sure: That‘s what The Seven Sins will do.

Each of the seven works explores a strong, almost overwhelming emotion. A prime opportunity for the company to show all its virtuosity and expressive power. Also, dramaturgically speaking, the number seven calls for short pieces, which brings a great dynamic to the evening. And of course, The Seven Sins gave me the opportunity to bring seven choreographers on board.

— Eric Gauthier, Artistic Director, Gauthier Dance//Dance Company Theaterhaus Stuttgart

Founded by Eric Gauthier in October 2007 Gauthier Dance has quickly established itself in the German and international dance scene. The company’s repertoire includes works by Gauthier himself as well as famous contemporary choreographers. 


10 October 2024 19:00 - 20:50

The Seven Sins

Tanssin talo, Helsinki, Finland

11 October 2024 19:00 - 20:50

The Seven Sins

Tanssin talo, Helsinki, Finland

12 October 2024 19:00 - 20:50

The Seven Sins

Tanssin talo, Helsinki, Finland

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“For anyone seeking an overview of current dance trends, “Seven Sins” is well served.”

- Stuttgarter Zeitung, Germany

``Astonishing. Magnificent.``

- Les Echos, France

“- stirring, moving interpretations of moral, abstract concepts. All full of energy and sensuality, as it’s about feelings, inner attitudes, that drive reprehensible actions.”

- Wolfsburger Nachrichten, Germany

``An intriguing altarpiece.``

- Danza&Danza

“Sharon Eyal achieves pulsating, but also lyrical dance moments – –Through glances and shifting alliances, the theme of envy becomes a means of manipulating movements and relationships”

- Stuttgarter Zeitung, Germany

The Seven Sins

Artistic Director: Eric Gauthier
Choreographers: Aszure Barton, Sidi Larbi Cherkaoui, Marco Goecke, Sharon Eyal, Marcos Morau, Sasha Waltz, Hofesh Shechter
Ballet Masters: Cesar Locsin, Luis Eduardo Sayago
Production & Company Management: Inga Kunz
Technical Production Management: Mario Daszenies, Holger Reuker
Artistic Coordination Costumes: Gudrun Schretzmeier
Set Design: Mario Daszenies
Music & Sound Interludes: Victoria Hillestad & Julian Erhardt / [sic]-studios
Artistic Management: Daria Mosunova (as guest), Susanne Wildermuth
Press: Nicola Steller
Tour: ecotopia dance productions
Costumes: Kerry Rees (Head), Christine Lange, Katharina Ruprecht, Katja Strauss, Anne Sorvat, Aische Weber, Maria Kley

Theaterhaus Stuttgart


La Biennale di Venezia & Festspiele Ludwigshafen at Theater im Pfalzbau.

In collaboration with
SWR / ARTE & Euro Arts

7 May 2022, Theaterhaus Stuttgart

1 hour 50 minutes, no intermission
7 May 2022, Theaterhaus Stuttgart