Wavelengths - Tero Saarinen Company


In Wavelengths, originally created for the Finnish National Ballet, Saarinen focuses on the thematic of an established partnership between two strong personalities.
”…fascinating duet of attraction, aggression and affection between a man and a woman.”


Choreography Tero Saarinen
Music Riku Niemi
Lighting design Mikki Kunttu
Costume design Erika Turunen

“Gradually they (the dancers) move together; the lighting reinventing them, like an element moving from gas to liquid to solid form. Their partnering is graceful and they move over and into each other as if in a zero-gravity environment.”

– Toronto Star, 16 March 2006

“Exquisite execution of intricate choreography – just breathtaking.”

– DC Metro Theater Arts, 13 March 2013

“It’s a fascinating duet of attraction, aggression and affection between a man and a woman. --- sensually sculptured by Mikki Kunttu’s lighting. --- Mr. Saarinen’s choreography, which looked constantly alive and original.”

– The New York Times, 30 March 2006

“Saarinen’s duets seem to crystallise his entire view of dance art, his movement language and his understanding of human beings. --- The dancers, a man and a woman, are two equal individuals longing for intimacy.”

– Finnish Dance in Focus, 2002

“The duet Wavelenghts is a masterpiece, an example of good taste and refinement.”

– Weser Kurier, 30 March 2009

“(The movement) was so sumptuous, expansive and expressive. --- Choreography, music, dancers, light: a most complete experience.”

– The Washington Post, 13 March 2013