Annika Hyvärinen


Annika Hyvärinen began her dance career as a scholarship student at Helsingin tanssiopisto in 1985–1997. She continued her studies in Stockholm, at Balettakademien (1997–1999) and Danshögskolan (1999–2000).

Hyvärinen has since danced freelance in Finland, Sweden and Israel. During her 20-year career she has worked with Cristina Caprioli, Örjan Andersson, Helena Franzén, Malin Hellkvist-Sellén, and Carl Knif, and many others. She has danced with Tero Saarinen Company since 2011 in productions including Borrowed Light, Kullervo and Third Practice.

”By far the tallest and most imposing individual on stage. You were constantly drawn to her although only once did she perform apart from the ensemble.”

- Berkshire Fine Arts, 16 July 2012 (USA) / Borrowed Light