Auvo Vihro

Actor (TTT-theatre)

Auvo Vihro is a professional actor who graduated from the Helsinki Theatre Academy in 1985. He has been employed by the TTT Theatre since 1991. Vihro has also been engaged in projects at the Lahti City Theatre and taught acting at the University of Tampere and Tampere University of Applied Sciences.

In his long career, Vihro has played numerous roles, including the lead in the TTT Theatre’s productions of The Imaginary Invalid (2017), Ihmisellinen mies (Man of Humankind, 2013), and The Bridges of Madison County(2013).

His other work includes Tuolit (Chairs, 2022), Kolme sisarta viides näytös (Three Sisters: Act Five, 2023), Wings of Desire (2022), Vanhempainilta (Parents’ Evening, 2022), Ikiliikkuja (Perpetual Motion Machine, 2022), Hamlet (2021), Jeppe on the Hill (2020), Ruusuruoska (Rose Whip, 2019), Taivaslaulu (Heavensong, 2015), Valokuvavarkaat (Photograph Thieves, 2015), Kohtalon tango (Tango of Destiny, 2013) and Cabaret (2008).

Vihro has also directed several productions, including the TTT Theatre’s When the Robbers Came to Cardamom Town (2015) and Manner (2011). He has appeared in films, short films, and television shows, such as Tapahtukoon sinun tahtosi (Thy Will Be Done, 2019), Ihmisen osa (The Human Part, 2018), and Korpelan kujanjuoksu (Losing Ground, 2017–2018).

Vihro received the Veikko Sinisalo Award for achievement in theatre arts in 2003.

In the season of 2023–2024, Vihro plays the lead in the TTT Theatre’s production of The Miser.

Roles on stage: Theatre Info Finland | Roles in film and television productions: Internet Movie Database

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