Michael Baran

Translator & Adapter

Michael Baran is a Finnish playwright, dramaturge and director. He has been working at the Finnish National Theatre in Helsinki since 1992. Baran has written fourteen plays and four opera librettos. He has also written radio plays, television and movie scripts, radiophonic pieces, and lyrics as well as dramatized, adapted and translated dozens of plays. Baran has directed nearly thirty productions, including both modern pieces and classics. His most recent works include Tyttö, joka käveli (Girl Who Walked, FNT, 2018), Hitler ja Blondi (Hitler and Blonde, TTT/FNT, 2020), Nuoret idealistit (Young Idealists, FNT, 2023) and Pieni maailma (Small World, TTT, 2023), which Baran has both written and directed. In 2020, Baran translated and adapted Shakespeare’s Hamlet to a rock musical for the TTT Theatre.

Photo: Agnes Baran