Misa Lommi - Tero Saarinen Company

Misa Lommi


Misa Lommi has studied dance at Tamara Rasmussen Opisto (dance college), the Finnish National Opera Ballet School in Helsinki and the University of the Arts Helsinki. She holds a BA in Dance from the University of Dance and Circus in Stockholm (2007), and an MA in Acting from the University of the Arts Helsinki (2013).

Lommi works both as a dancer and an actress. She has collaborated with choreographers such as Susanna Leinonen, Jarkko Mandelin and Valtteri Raekallio, and worked with K. Kvarnström & Co, Stockholm City Theatre and the Swedish Theatre in Helsinki. Lommi also teaches and holds workshops in contemporary dance and improvisation. Misa Lommi joined Tero Saarinen Company in 2017.

``--- unpredictably fluid, so too were the dancers — Auri Ahola, Misa Lommi and David Scarantino — as they wavered between sociability and individuality. Departure and loss became the affecting inevitables.”

- Los Angeles Times, 21 January 2018 (USA) / Zimmermann Trio