Misa Lommi

Dancer & Actor

Misa Lommi earned a Bachelor’s degree in Dance from the University of Dance and Circus in Stockholm in 2006 and completed a Master’s degree in Theater Arts at the University of the Arts Helsinki’s Theatre Academy in 2013. Lommi works extensively as both a dancer and an actress. She has danced in works by choreographers such as Tero Saarinen, Anton Lachky, Tom Weksler, Valtteri Raekallio, Kinetic Orchestra, Susanna Leinonen, and Carl Knif. Additionally, she serves as a dancer for Paula Vesala. Lommi has also been teaching contemporary dance and improvisation at institutions such as Tamara Rasmussen Opisto since 2016.

As an actress, Lommi has been affiliated with Svenska Teatern, Stockholm City Theatre, where she also worked as a dancer with K. Kvarsntröm & Co. She has also acted with theater companies such as Ryhmäteatteri, Espoon Kaupunginteatteri, and Helsinki City Theatre, where she was contracted as a dancer with Helsinki Dance Company in 2022-23. She has also appeared in numerous Finnish films and TV programs.

”--- unpredictably fluid, so too were the dancers — Auri Ahola, Misa Lommi and David Scarantino — as they wavered between sociability and individuality. Departure and loss became the affecting inevitables.”

Los Angeles Times, 21 January 2018 (USA) / Zimmermann Trio