Saida Solla


Saida Solla started her dance studies at the Helsinki Dance Institute, from where she continued to the Ballet School of the Finnish National Opera and Ballet, graduating in 2021. Solla has participated in various ballet competitions internationally and won the first prize at the National Ballet Competition in Finland (2020).

During her studies she has performed at different galas and dance events, and has danced various roles in works of ballet and contemporary dance. Solla has worked with choreographers such as Riku Lehtopolku and Tero Saarinen, and has also created her own work. Solla’s collaboration with TSC started on Transit in 2021, continuing in the cast of Johanna Nuutinen’s Hz.


”In terms of dance, Hz was top-notch. The dancers Elina Häyrynen, Natasha Lommi, Saida Solla, Eero Vesterinen and Riccardo Zandonà were like finely-tuned instruments, with every part of their body reacting sensitively to the surrounding sounds.”

Demokraatti, 1 April (Finland) / Hz

”I was taken aback by the dedication of Saida Solla, who could still be described as young.”

Dansportalen, 7 December 2021 (Finland) / TRANSIT

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