TSC Residencies’ objective is to serve as a platform for multidisciplinary experiments and to support especially freelance-based artists and collectives, and hence aiming for the development of the dance field as a whole. A residency period may focus on for example the creative process, rehearsals of a new work, or general development of an artist’s movement identity.

The call for a Residency at TSC Studio is now open – read more and apply by 2 Dec!

Open Call for TSC residency in January 2023

The call for a Residency at TSC Studio is now open! The aim of the residency programme is to support the work of freelance artists, the development of the dance field, and to serve as a platform for multi-disciplinary experimentation.

TSC residencies are open to all artists working with and in between different performing art forms and have an interest in physical expression. The residencies are aimed at both young creators entering the field, as well as more established artists. Applications are now open!



The application process is open to all creators – from individual artists and working groups to more established groups or collectives – working in the performing arts field, that have an interest in developing bodily awareness and physical expression. The call is open to both young creators entering the field, as well as more established artists.

TSC residencies are intended for artistic work. This can entail, for example, the creation or rehearsal process of a performance for the stage, or the development of one’s own artistic thinking.



TSC is offering a 2-week residency period in January 2023. During the residency, artists get to use TSC Studio free of charge. TSC staff will provide orientation to the practicalities of the residency, and residency artists will have the opportunity to receive mentoring from TSC’s artistic and production staff according to a separately agreed schedule. The residency can include an audience encounter which, depending on the residency, can be an open rehearsal, a demo, a discussion etc. The schedule and contents of possible audience encounters will be agreed on a case-by-case basis.

Residency period: weeks 1–2 (2.–15.1.2023)

The available working hours are generally 9am–5pm on weekdays and full days during the weekends. The residencies are best suited to work that can be accomplished within the mentioned schedule without any technical equipment (rehearsing, creating movement material, etc.).

More information about TSC Studio and its equipment can be found on our website.



Residency applications can be made through the online form:

It is the applicant’s responsibility to ensure that the application form and the relevant attachments are successfully submitted on time.

Application period and selection process

The deadline for residency applications is Friday 2.12.2022 at 16:00 (4pm, Finnish time GMT +2). The online form and attachments must be submitted before this deadline.

If you wish to hold on to your application materials, please ensure you have saved them to yourself before submitting your form. We will not send any submitted materials back to applicants.

Applications will be treated confidentially. Individuals who handle and evaluate the applications will not share any information about either the applicants or the content of applications with third parties.

Decisions regarding the artists selected for the residency will be made by a work group comprised of TSC’s artistic and production staff. Diversity and equity will be taken into account in the decision-making process.

The selection criteria for applications are:

– New propositions for physical expression
– Original artistic thinking
– Objectives for working
– Feasibility of the project

Additionally, an interest in multi-disciplinary work and an orientation towards creating also larger-scale works are considered as advantages.

We will individually notify all applicants about the selections by Christmas 2022.

Please read the information on residency schedules, other terms and conditions and the application instructions carefully before submitting your application.

More info and enquiries:

For further information on the residency programme, applications and TSC Studio, contact:

Carita Weissenfelt
Head of Production and Touring
+358 40 705 6808*

*NB! Phone enquires only on Thursday 17 Nov & Thursday 1 Dec between 14–16.

Demo at TSC Studio on 1 Dec

On Thursday 1 Dec at 17:00, the past summer’s TSC Sound Residency artists choreographer Suvi Kemppainen, composer Walter Sallinen and dramaturg Klaus Maunuksela’s working group, present a demo of their work-in-progress creation in TSC Studio (The Cable Factory, 3rd floor). From a great height (working title) is a choreographic sonic ceremony that examines subsidence, transgression and love for grief. It is an eerie invitation into an underwater world of the hidden depths and transgressing powers, playing with the emancipatory potentials of lamentation. Dance artists Eevi Tolvanen and Marlon Moilanen will perform the demo at TSC Studio.

The length of the demo is 20 minutes, and it will be followed by a discussion with the artists. Please sign up in advance via email at

Sign up for the demo

Focus on artistic work in TSC Studio

TSC provides annually 2–4 artists or working groups the opportunity for an artist in residency working period at TSC Studio in Helsinki. The objective of the residency programme is to support the development of the dance field in Finland by providing eg. choreographers, working groups and free collectives resources for artistic work in the form of a free rehearsal space. TSC Residencies are meant for artistic work such as creation of new works, rehearsing, or developing the artist’s individual movement language, choreographic material or artistic vision.

Artists are chosen to take part in TSC Residencies through an open application process. The residencies entail a 1–4 week long working period in Tero Saarinen Company’s recently opened TSC Studio. Taking into consideration each residency’s particular goals and needs, the residency period can include customized events for audiences and artistic or production-related mentoring from TSC’s permanent staff members.

Once a year, TSC holds a special sound residency focused on the relationship between sound and movement in a lab-like work setting. A sound residency’s goals can be in multidisciplinary experimentation, production oriented creative process or developing one’s artistic expertise. Artists for the sound residencies will be chosen through an international application process. The sound residencies are held in collaboration with Genelec, our partner behind the immersive sound system of TSC Studio. The sound residency’s will have the studio’s complete sound system at their use, other residencies’ technical parameters will be discussed individually. The residency period available in January 2023 is not a Sound Residency.


Sanni Giordani at TSC Residency

”For us the residency acted as the starting point – and as a free playground – for the creation process of our new work. The space was wonderful and truly functional: the heated studio floor was really inviting and offered just enough traction and smoothness for our movement work, while the immersive audio system made the sound move together with the dancers.”

Sanni Giordani, Mostly Mass Working Group (March 2021)

Hagglund Viipuri Collective at TSC Sound Residency

”During the Sound Residency at TSC Studio, we took a deep dive into the relationship between sound and movement, creating new sound material while also examining the shape of our new performance. The studio’s immersive audio system enables totally new auditory perspectives, that might not even cross one’s mind in any other space… The residency was a pivotal experience for us. We felt so supported and learned a lot. As young artists we are truly grateful to have had the opportunity to work in an evironment, that encourages you to dream big!”

Iida Hägglund and Maija Viipuri, (July 2021)


TSC Studio is equipped with 22 speakers and two calibration systems. The immersive audio system creates a powerful, holistically physical experience for the listener that evokes an emotional dimension.

The system has been designed by TSC’s permanent Artist in Residence and Sound Designer since 2017, Tuomas Norvio.

“An extremely sharp sound image is traced out in TSC Studio, where even the smallest details in accents and dynamics of the sound can be heard. Even when applying the strongest sound pressures, the sound is pure, and the system functions optimally both in design work and in performance. There is no system quite like it in Finland – and even globally it is unparalleled with the most similar being in the depths of great opera houses.

What most interests me in the potential offered by TSC Studio is working with non-directional sound: when sound has no distinctive direction of source, that the listener can perceive, it can feel as if the experience happens inside the listener, getting under their skin in quite special way”, Norvio describes.

The sound system has been made possible by the pioneer of professional audio and immersive audio technology, Genelec, which develops and manufactures its products in Iisalmi, Finland.

“Our goal is to bring forth the deeper and more content-oriented dimensions mutual to advanced technology and art – and to create something unique together with them. Long-term, value-based collaboration with Tero Saarinen Company gives us a chance to experiment and create something new for people, and to learn from each other. TSC Studio is a unique platform, through which we can also help future creators to achieve their dreams and to promote the development of art and society,” states Genelec Brand Artist and Board member Juho Martikainen, responsible for the concept of the collaboration.


Kemppainen / Sallinen / Maunuksela: From a great height

In the first sound residency of summer 2022, choreographer Suvi Kemppainen, composer Walter Sallinen and dramaturg Klaus Maunuksela worked towards their new stage work From a great height: a choreographic sonic ceremony that examines subsidence, transgression and love for grief. It is an eerie invitation into an underwater world of the hidden depths and transgressing powers, playing with the emancipatory potentials of lamentation.

Yumi Collective: Gömböc

In the second sound residency in July 2022, the multi-disciplinary Yumi Collective (Sebastian Kurten, Simeoni Juoperi, Antti Uimonen and Hamis Zzy) worked on their first staged work at TSC Studio. Inspired by the ‘Gömböc’ shape, their creation will examine balance and its reciprocative nature through sound and movement.

Tiia Kasurinen: Surface

In January artist and choreographer Tiia Kasurinen works on a new staged work SURFACE, together with a team. Kasurinen’s dance performance is a crooked fairytale and an antithesis for children’s stories; a humoristic, yet harrowing perspective on existing under the gaze. SURFACE will premiere in Kuopio City Theatre on 24 November!

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Nuua Company: Blueberry Burdock

In April contemporary circus artist and founder of Nuua Company, Olli Vuorinen, was developing an upcoming solo piece Blueberry Burdock, directed by Thomas Monckton. With the “curiosity of a juggler”, Vuorinen’s aim was to study new means of object manipulation and expressions of bodily movement.

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Hamis Zzy & Siiri Korkeamäki

TSC began a new collaboration with Kiasma Theatre’s annual street art and culture festival URB, and Nordic Hiphop to the Stage, an international project funded by Nordisk kulturfund and Nordisk kulturkontakt, that aims to build an institutionally backed network for collaborations in the sphere of street culture and performance arts. In March TSC provided an artistic residency at TSC Studio for dancers Hamis Zzy and Siiri Korkeamäki. During their two-week residency, Hamis and Siiri created movement material for their new solos that are part of URB’s EU funded Be Part project. Their works are to be seen on 7–9 June at URB’s programme at Stoa Helsinki, as a part of a full evening performance, created by the French Art Move Concept and Nordic Hiphop to the Stage. Photo: Kansallisgalleria / Petri Virtanen

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