TERO Technique

TERO Technique stems from awakening the senses, recognizing the weight of one’s body, and maximizing the use of both balance and off-balance. Tero Saarinen’s distinctive style fuses elements from his backgrounds in ballet, contemporary dance, and a wide range of Asian traditions. The style has been described as ”an inventive mixture of grotesqueness and beauty”, “organic”, and “butoh with wings”.

“My goal is to reach a state of awareness where even the skin is curious and alive.”

“TERO Technique is an approach for waking up all the senses. It’s about creating density in space. I’m eternally interested in finding new ways for this corporal expressiveness of ours. I’m not keen on amalgamating spoken words or lyrics into dance. I think we are already drowning into words and the dominance of spoken language. I want to find different sensitivities and frequencies in the performer. In that sense it is about waking up the nerve endings, talking about the skin – and letting the skin talk – and using the power of the eyes. Maximizing the capasities and resonance of a performer. I talk a lot about rooting, being on the ground and feeling the soil. I talk about the depth of inhabiting the space, by rooting, growing and blooming. It’s exciting to meet dancers from different backgrounds, traditons and age groups and continue to learn from them.

The goal, both in the class and during the creative process, is to create an environment where the participant feels safe to take risks and develop. When dancers are 360 degrees aware and 100% present, they become authentic, vibrant and also more diverse. All of this leads to a dance that is constantly morphing and surprising, like flora and fauna.”

Tero Saarinen