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The Tero Saarinen technique stems from awakening the senses, recognising the weight of one’s body, and maximising the use of both balance and off-balance. Saarinen’s distinctive style fuses elements from his backgrounds in ballet, contemporary dance, and a wide range of Asian traditions. Saarinen’s style has been described as ”an inventive mixture of grotesqueness and beauty”, “organic”, and “butoh with wings”.

The aim of the Tero Saarinen technique is to activate every cell and nerve ending in the body, to become fully Aware, Alert, Attentive – 360 degrees present, resonating and alive. The goal is to make full use of each dancer’s technical knowledge and explore, liberate, and further nourish the potential of each individual. This leads to interpretations that are constantly surprising and vital to our existence, like flora and fauna. 

“My goal is to reach a state of awareness where even the skin is curious and alive.”
– Tero Saarinen

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