Who we are


Tero Saarinen Company’s mission is to create, perform and teach powerful and engaging contemporary dance at the highest levels of artistic excellence in Helsinki, Finland and internationally, based on Tero Saarinen’s artistic vision.


Tero Saarinen Company’s core objective is to enhance individual and communal wellbeing by improving people’s relationship with their own bodies, themselves and other people through movement and holistic dance that tap into primal energies.


Tero Saarinen Company’s art and all its actions are based on fundamental humanist values: equal rights and respect for all individuals as well as education. Strong shared values guide the group’s actions on a practical level, too. COLLABORATION is the foundation of all success. Aspiring to achieve the highest degree of EXCELLENCE means a constant desire to develop in all areas of the group’s operations. That development also requires the ability to think big and COURAGE to take artistic risks. Underlying everything the group does is the JOY that comes from work and community.

Tero Saarinen Company

Major critical acclaim and nearly 400,000 spectators at leading venues in 40 countries on 6 continents have established TSC as one of Europe’s leading dance companies, since its foundation in 1996. The group’s dance films and videos, all international co-productions, have been available to 30 million viewers in more than 60 countries on channels such as Mezzo, Arte, Yle and SVT, and at numerous film festivals.

Saarinen and his team also collaborate with other prominent dance groups. Nederlands Dans Theater (NDT1), the Batsheva Dance Company and Lyon Opéra Ballet, to name but a few, have featured Saarinen’s works in their repertoires. The group’s 21/22 programme will for the first time include a group work by another choreographer: TSC’s inaugural season at Tanssin talo in Helsinki will feature one of the group’s own classics along with a new work by choreographer Johanna Nuutinen.

Core TSC activities also include an international teaching program of TERO Technique, presenting dance companies in Helsinki and community outreach projects. TSC’s residency programme provides opportunities for other artists to work at TSC Sudio, located at the Cable Factory in Helsinki.

Tero Saarinen Company provides work for about 80 individuals each year, ten of whom work on monthly salaries. The Company’s operations are supported by Finland’s Ministry of Education and Culture and The City of Helsinki.

``Reader be warned. This review is going to gush. If the opposite of Eurotrash is Eurogold, this outstanding contemporary dance troupe is a precious metal indeed.``


Company Management

Artistic Director:
Tero Saarinen

Managing Director:
Iiris Autio

Technical Director:
Ville Konttinen

Rehearsal Director:
Satu Halttunen

Rehearsal Director:
Henrikki Heikkilä

Communications and Marketing Specialist:
Veera Mietola

Head of Communications and External Relations:
Paula Rahtu

Head of Finance and Development:
Maiju Ristilä

Training Activities Coordinator:
David Scarantino

Head of Production and Touring:
Carita Weissenfelt

Annual Reports

The annual reports of  Passion in Motion, registered association, can be downloaded here (only in Finnish):

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