Tero Saarinen Company’s international teaching programme started in the 1990’s when the Company was founded. Over the years, Saarinen and his trusted assistants have held workshops and classes for diverse target groups in Europe, USA, Asia, Oceania and Africa – in addition to TSC Studio, the Company’s own premises located in Helsinki.

As Tero Saarinen Company rarely holds auditions, taking part in workshops is both the best way for professionals to learn Saarinen’s movement technique and choreographic style and also get in contact with the Company.

For audiences and other non-professionals, workshops provide a chance to explore their own movement, plus offer an interesting window into Saarinen’s style, enriching the experience of a performance.

The philosophy behind Saarinen’s TERO Technique is based on a holistic approach and our learning and engagement activities are based on our values of humanity and respect. A genuine interest in people, and giving time for growth for every individual, are at the core of our encounters with different groups.

”It was wonderful to feel connected with other professionals.”

– Online Morning Class Feedback, December 2020

”I liked the freedom to approach the excersises my own way.”

Online Morning Class Feedback, December 2020

”The class made me feel ready for the day, and gave the opportunity to connect with my body and myself.”

– Online Morning Class Feedback, December 2020

”TERO Technique – made me feel so good and grounded”

– Online Morning Class Feedback, December 2020

”David is a fantastic teacher – led a rich, atmospheric movement practice with great clarity and joy – palpable even through the online platform.”

– Online Morning Class Feedback, December 2020

TERO Workshop

The 2–4 hours long TERO Workshop is an introduction to Tero Saarinen’s unique movement style; it gives students an overview of the holistic philosophy behind Saarinen’s technique. Teaching concentrates on the central patterns of movements that make up TERO Technique, and allows students to explore it further through a few repertoire exercises, featuring material from Saarinen’s recent creations. This workshop is meant for dance professionals and advanced-level students.

TERO Master Class

The 1–3 days long TERO Master Class is a comprehensive introduction to Tero Saarinen’s movement technique. It consists of an in-depth exploration to the holistic philosophy behind Saarinen’s style, including repertoire exercises featuring material from his recent creations.

The Master Class concentrates on the central patterns of movements that make up the TERO Technique. The participants of the Master Class will gain new tools for awakening the body, mind, and spirit in order to create a more holistic sense of moving within the individual. The Master Class is meant for dance professionals, who wish to gain insight into the technique in the guidance of Tero Saarinen himself.

TERO Intensive

The 4–10 days long TERO Intensive courses are all-round comprehensive studies into the philosophy and movement technique of Tero Saarinen.

The emphasis of each Intensive varies, but all offer a fully comprehensive exploration into TERO Technique, as well as the philosophy behind it. The movement techniques are practised through repertoire exercises from Saarinen’s creations. The Intensive also provides tools for the prevention of injuries, and the maximising the correct use of muscles in the body. Intensives are aimed for professional dancers and pre-professional students.

TERO Morning Classes

The 90-minute-long TERO Morning Classes aimed for dance professionals focus on awakening the body and the senses. The classes include TERO Technique exercises, based on Tero Saarinen’s holistic movement philosophy. The technique is further explored through choreographic exercises that feature material from Saarinen’s creations.

”Superb class, with beautiful progression. The choreographer’s intentions – the ideas that a dancer should base their work upon – became very clear.”


Weekend Course

The two-day Weekend Course is ideal for active dance students and those with a background in dance or other type of movement training, who wish to explore TERO Technique. The Weekend Course offers an introduction to Tero Saarinen’s unique movement style. It includes an exploration of the holistic philosophy behind Saarinen’s technique, plus the chance to work on repertoire exercises, featuring material from his recent creations.

``After the class the feeling in the body is amazing. It's like I feel the entirety of my body.``

- Course feedback, 2017

Audience Workshop

The Audience Workshop offers a 1hr pre-performance orientation to the style of Tero Saarinen and TERO Technique. Each class is uniquely tailored to include insight into the performance at hand, and will give the participant personal experience to the movement style, uniquely enhancing the experience of the performance. Audience Workshops are intended for the ticketholders of the performance, and can be attended by non-professionals. No background in dance is required.

”The class enriched my experience of the performance greatly. I felt like I understood more. I feel like I was able to comprehend the movement language in itself. Fruitful.”


Community Outreach

TSC provides tailored workshops for a wide range of target groups. In Helsinki, TSC’s Community outreach program in 2012–2016 engaged children and families within the Malminkartano area to come together through dance. The 4-year initiative included a wide range of projects, participants ranging from kindergarten to teens and activities varying from dance classes and performances to art exhibitions inspired by movement-based workshops. The project was headed by Maria Nurmela with Mikko LampinenDavid Scarantino and Natasha Lommi from TSC, in collaboration with representatives from Apollo School and kindergarten Timotei.

“The experience was eye opening and I learnt a whole new world.”


Collaboration with the Finnish National Opera and Ballet

Advanced level students of the Ballet School of the Finnish National Opera and Ballet are regularly given the opportunity to explore TERO TechniqueTero SaarinenSini Länsivuori and David Scarantino have repeatedly taught second and third year students of the vocational training since 2015.

On top of technique classes, the students have also been introduced to Saarinen’s choreographic repertoire.  In addition to performing excerpts of creations in the School’s recitals and ballet galas, some of the students also joined Tero Saarinen Company dancers at TSC’s 20th anniversary season performances in 2016.

Tero Saarinen has also been the featured choreographer for contemporary repertoire for The Finnish National Opera and Ballet’s Summer Intensive. And, TSC has collaborated with the Finnish National Ballet Youth Company. For example, FNBYC members danced in the Finland premiere of Transit (2021).

Tero Saarinen begun his career at the Ballet School and the Finnish National Ballet. As a choreographer, Saarinen has collaborated with the FNB since 1993. Several commissions and other creations by Saarinen have been in the ballet’s repertoire, the most recent being the Finnish National Opera and Tero Saarinen Company’s co-production Kullervo (2015) and Wedge (2022).

”To really feel what is happening internally and how that expression resonates outwardly is easy to talk about, but someone actually inspiring you to DO IT, is another thing.”


”I've heard from many teachers about how to ground yourself and be more alive in the whole body - but only now it all made sense!”