Ticket categories and discounts

Ticket categories and seating

Seating in the Erkko Hall is divided into three price categories for Tero Saarinen Company shows: Category A (red), Category B (blue) and Category C (green).

The Erkko Hall offers good visibility from nearly all seats. Obstructed views are indicated on the online seat map. When selecting your seat, please note that the seating is steep.


Ticket types and discounts

Tickets : A-category 56 € – B-category 49€ – C-category 38€

Online concession tickets: B 22€ – C 16€

Pensioners: A 53€ – B 46€ – C 35€

Groups of over 15 people: 53€ – B 46€ –  C 35€

The Seven Sins: Early-bird tickets on sale until 22 June. Early-bird ticket prices: A-category 51 € – B-category 44€ – C-category 34€


Concession ticket:

Concessions are granted to children and young adults under 25, students, the unemployed, conscripts and nonmilitary service persons. (See below for discounts available to dance and theatre professionals.)


Accessible seat (Category B):

Regular €49 | Pensioners €46 | Concession €22

There is wheelchair-accessible seating in the middle of Erkko Hall’s first row. One additional ticket is offered free of charge for an assisting companion. The wheelchair ticket includes a comp ticket for a companion (marked in yellow).


Group discounts (min. 15 / groups):

Read more about group reservations below.


Discount ticket for professionals:

Discounted tickets (-50%) for performing arts professionals can be purchased at the ticket office in the Cable Factory’s Glass Courtyard or online. The discount is personal and is limited to one ticket per person. Please present proof of your professional status (e.g. TEME membership card) upon purchase. Professional discounts are available in all price categories. The discount is calculated off the price of general admission only. Discounts cannot be combined with other special offers.

Professionals | The Seven Sins

Pay What You Can -tickets:

Choose a suitable sum: 10 €,  5 € or 1 €

There are a small number of “Pay what you can” tickets on sale for each TSC performance at Dance House Helsinki. The aim is to ensure the performances are accessible to all regardless of their funds.

There are three price options for PWYC tickets: €10 / €5 / €1. From these options, the customer can choose the most suitable option. The price is not connected with the location of the seat. PWYC tickets can only be purchased from the box office or online via custom links.

PWYC tickets | The Seven Sins

Customer service

Tero Saarinen Company’s ticket buyers

Note! We are on summer holidays from 6 to 29 July. We will get back to your request upon our return. Tickets can be bought at Cable Factory’s Konttori on weekdays at 10–16 and on Saturdays a 11–16.

Tero Saarinen Company serves customers by email at tickets@terosaarinen.com. Unfortunately we are unable to offer phone service.

We respond to email inquiries within 2 business days. However, we answer inquiries about same-day shows – as long as we receive your inquiry before noon – on the day of the show. (See our policy below on ticket exchanges, cancellations and group sales.)

The software provider for the TSC online shop is the Nordic Tixly Ticketing. Please note that TSC’s Dance House Helsinki tickets are sent by email from tickets@tix.terosaarinen.com, which certain email servers might classify as spam. If your tickets do not arrive soon after the purchase, please check your spam folder.

Customer feedback on the ticketing system and any technical problems is forwarded directly to the service provider by TSC. If you have any inquiries about the online shop or our programming, please address them directly to TSC by email: tickets@terosaarinen.com. Inquiries about tickets can be directed either to TSC or the Cable Factory Ticket sales (+358 09 4763 8300). Dance House Helsinki is not responsible for TSC’s ticket sales or creations.


Cable Factory

Tickets can be purchased in person at the Cable Factory Glass Courtyard and Info Point (street address Kaapeliaukio 3).

For opening hours and contact details, visit:


Dance House Helsinki

Tero Saarinen Company is one of Dance House Helsinki’s four programme partners.  TSC is not responsible for the venue’s services. Please address any inquiries related to Dance House Helsinki’s venue and services by email to info@tanssintalo.fi.

Read more about Dance House Helsinki at:


Thank you for your cooperation!

Payment methods

Paytrail, Smartum, Epassi

Paytrail Oyj (2122839-7) acts as our intermediary payment service provider in cooperation with Finnish banks and credit institutions. Paytrail Oyj appears as the recipient of the payment on your bank statement or credit card invoice and forwards the payment to the merchant. Paytrail Plc is a licensed payment institution authorized by the Finnish Financial Supervisory Authority. If you have a complaint, please contact us at tickets@terosaarinen.com.

You can also pay for e-tickets in our online shop with a TSC gift card or a Smartum or Epassi cultural vouchers. Please note that you can only use Smartum and Epassi cultural vouchers through our online shop or at the Cable Factory’s ticket offices. Tickets for Tero Saarinen Company shows cannot be purchased with the Smartum or Epassi mobile app.


Gift card

You can buy Tero Saarinen Company gift cards at our online shop. With a TSC gift card, you can redeem tickets for all TSC productions at Dance House Helsinki. Gift vouchers are accepted as payment online and at the Cable Factory’s ticket offices. Gift vouchers are valid for one year from the date of purchase. You can freely choose the preferred sum. The balance does not need to be spent on one purchase. Gift cards are emailed to the recipient as a PDF, with an accompanying 9-digit code and 4-digit PIN code.

Ticket reservations

You cannot pre-book tickets for Tero Saarinen Company shows at Dance House Helsinki.

Read more about group reservations of more than 15 people below.

Group sales

You can buy discounted group tickets directly from our online shop for groups of at least 15 people.

Group tickets : A 53€ – B 46€ – C 35€

Early-bird prices apply for group tickets for The Seven Sins until 22 June. Early-bird ticket prices: A 51€ – B 44€ – C 34€.

Reservations and inquiries

Please address inquiries about group reservations (more than 15 people) to: tickets@terosaarinen.com. We will respond to your inquiry within 2 business days. Group reservations are valid for max. 2 months from the booking date.


Redeeming tickets

Group tickets must be redeemed no later than 30 days before the start of the show’s season. You can redeem tickets in our online shop. We also offer an invoicing option for groups of more than 15 people. Billing surcharge is €10 with a payment period of 10 days.


Ticket delivery

Prebooked group tickets are delivered in one batch to the email address provided by the customer.

Customer account

When you make a purchase in our online shop, you can create an online customer account for Tero Saarinen Company’s ticketing. You can also buy tickets without registering / logging in. By creating a customer account and logging in, you can edit your contact information.

Exchanging tickets

Tickets can be exchanged for free (once only) on a self-service basis in our online shop. Tickets must be exchanged latest 24 hours before the beginning of the show. You have the right to exchange your ticket for another show within the same season and ticket category (A, B or C) as the original ticket, if such seats are available.

To access the option for ticket changes, go to the same link you received to get your tickets.

Ticket refunds

Purchased tickets are non-refundable.

If you are forced to cancel due to illness or other weighty reason, please contact tickets@terosaarinen.com no later than noon on the day of the show.

Changes in the programme

Tero Saarinen Company reserves the right to alter the advertised programme.

If the show is cancelled due to force majeure, the ticket will be refunded as a TSC gift voucher. If you do not wish to use the balance for purchasing tickets to one of TSC’s future shows at Dance House Helsinki, we will return the sum via the payment method you used in our online shop. Kindly send us an email to tickets@terosaarinen.com and we will contact you. Tero Saarinen Company is not liable for indirect damages and other expenses resulting from cancellations.