Our Story

Artistic vision

“Dance has an exceptional amount of potential in this time, that is so strongly marked by alienation from the body.

To me, the greatest meaning of dance is within the primal wellsprings of movement and the body. The ritualistic essence of dance, a person’s need and ability to express themselves through movement and the body are universal and timeless phenomena. I have sought to familiarise myself with age-old dance cultures since the beginning of my career to enrich my knowledge gained from the heritage of ballet, modern techniques and contemporary dance.
I also believe in multidisciplinary collaboration: a union of dance, live music and visual design. Creating works that feed various senses and outlast time, as well as building and maintaining a repertoire, are at the foundations of my Company’s activities and continuity. Humanity, internationality, a daringness to go beyond a comfort zone, and as a continuous strive to develop are some of the main principles in my artistic work, training as well as in all of the activities of our community.
Dance is my attempt to understand human nature and its multiple manifestations – friendship, love, strength and spirit. With my dance I want to reach the unspoken, the inexplicable, the unnamed. I believe in dance that touches, in dance that speaks for itself.”

– Tero Saarinen