19 October 2020 17:02

New work for Helsinki Philharmonic concert series

Tero Saarinen Company will perform with the Helsinki Philharmonic Orchestra again next week. Rebond, a choreography by Tero Saarinen, is part of The Lover, a concert series led by chief conductor Susanna Mälkki. TSC dancer Oskari Kymäläinen and HPO's percussion section leader Xavi Castelló Aràndiga perform the duet of two art forms, set to the hypnotic Rebonds B by composer Iannis Xenakis. The choreography is based on the polyphonic nature of the musical piece: "The composition is rhythmically very interesting and requires a virtuoso player. To me, it sounds like at times there were more musicians than one playing. In my choreography, I wanted to capture the same sort of intensity and diversity with the movement, and, simultaneously, build a bridge between these two forces - music and dance." - Saarinen explains.
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15 October 2020 17:15

TERO Technique goes online!

Our morning classes for professional dancers go online for the first time in November-December. The new digital classes are taught live via zoom from TSC Studio in Helsinki by David Scarantino. The classes focus on awakening the body and the senses. The awareness of limited space in your own home brings a unique opportunity to look closer at the elements within TERO Technique that lead to 360-degree movement: Focus, Fingertips and Rooting.
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1 October 2020 16:16

Transit premieres in Sweden - strict covid regulations apply

Tero Saarinen's latest large-scale creation Transit will premiere on 3 October in Sweden. Strict Covid-19 regulations apply to the premiere season at Malmö Opera. The orchestra will play live, but in a separate space and the audience will hear them via the PA. There are only 50 tickets available per night at the 1500-seat venue. Transit is a Nordic co-production. The creation will be available in TSC’s own touring repertoire from 2021. Performed by the entire ensemble of Skånes Dansteater at the premiere, the choreography is set to contemporary composer Sebastian Fagerlund's trilogy Stonework (2015), Drifts (2016–17) and Water Atlas (2018). The music is combined with spatial sound design by Tuomas Norvio. The set design centres on an animated film installation by visual artist duo IC-98, in constant dialog with the lighting design is by Minna Tiikkainen and costumes by Teemu Muurimäki. David Scarantino is the Choreographer's Assistant. Conductor for Malmö Opera Orchestra is David Björkman. 
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29 September 2020 13:06

New book about Tero Saarinen

The first book about Tero Saarinen will be out this week, published by Siltala in Finland. The first edition is in Finnish but negotiations for international versions are underway. Esteemed dance journalist Hannele Jyrkkä followed Saarinen for a whole year, accompanying the choreographer throughout the creative process of Third Practice. Observations and discussions took place in rehearsal studios, backstages and Saarinen's kitchen. The reader is taken on a trip that sheds light on Saarinen from many different perspectives, from his childhood all the way to his overall philosophy, through which all of us could perhaps learn to live a little bit more boldly. The book (in Finnish only) is now available from the Siltala webshop. It will be in bookshops all over Finland and as an e-book later in the fall. 
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7 September 2020 12:18

★★★★★ for Hamlet

Tampereen Työväen Teatteri's rock musical rendition of Hamlet received several rave reviews following its premiere last week. TSC's role in director Otso Kautto's eclectic team of artists was to work with the actors' movement identity, based on the butoh-inspired TERO technique. According to critics, Tero Saarinen and Satu Halttunen's work "helped breathe life into the characters" and "Makes it especially thrilling to watch how Hamlet - eternally struggling with words - uses movement as a way of expressing the deepest corners of his mind".
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24 August 2020 12:34

Borrowed Light screenings at Jacob's Pillow Virtual Festival reached thousands

Tero Saarinen Company's iconic production Borrowed Light was invited to the Jacob's Pillow Virtual Festival in August. Inspired by the legacy of the Shakers, the production is a collaboration with early music ensemble The Boston Camerata. Praised by audiences and critics alike, the production was originally presented at the esteemed festival twice - first in 2006 and second time in summer 2012. This year's Virtual Festival featured a video from the 2012 engagement as well as a recently recorded artists talk. Despite a 3 day limit and mandatory sign-up, the digital content reached a total of over 3000 views with audiences from several continents.
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11 August 2020 16:33
Voice (chor. Natasha Lommi)

New works with Helsinki Philharmonic

Tero Saarinen Company continues its fruitful collaboration with the Helsinki Philharmonic and chief conductor Susanna Mälkki. The fall season's program includes two sets of concerts with a duet by a TSC dancer and HPO musician. Together, performed from September 8 to 11, features Voice (music Tore Takemitsu), a dialogue between flutist Jenny Villanen and TSC's Natasha Lommi (choreography and dance). The Lover, scheduled from 27 to 29 October, includes Rebond, a choreography by Tero Saarinen. Set to Rebonds B by Iannis Xenakis, the duet is performed by TSC dancer Oskari Kymäläinen and HPO's percussion section leader Xavi Castelló Aràndiga.
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3 August 2020 11:17

Movement identity for actors of new Hamlet rock musical

Tampereen Työväen Teatteri's new rock musical rendition of Hamlet will premiere on 3 September. As part of director Otso Kautto's artistic team, filled with a number of big Finnish names, Tero Saarinen and Satu Halttunen have helped the actors find a new identity via their physical existence. "The aim has not been to do choreography as such, but more to help the actors channel their character via physical form. Their movement will manifest a mindset that stems from all the contradiction and violence that Hamlet sows around him.", describes Saarinen. 
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28 May 2020 16:44

Free online intro to TERO technique for all on 12 June

David Scarantino will guide an intro to TERO Technique for all on Helsinki Day 2020. The class is livestreamed from the brand-new TSC Studio to TSC’s Facebook-page and from 11:00 am to 11:45 am. Anyone can participate – you don’t need a dance background! Take a break before lunch and join in to listen, experience and discuss! In addition to a healthy mind and body, the goal is to broaden your dance viewing experience in the future – hear about what performers think about on stage and try out how movements you see on stage feel in Your body?
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26 May 2020 16:40

2019 Annual Report published

Tero Saarinen Company's turnover in 2019 was 1,4 million euros. It had activities in 9 countries on 2 continents. Saarinen's creations had 17 300 live spectators. Audience outreach and training events reached 2000 participants. TSC's permanent staff of 10 was complemented with 70 freelancers and service providers. In addition to artistic work, the year's highlights included the renovation and move to TSC Studio and new offices at the Cable Factory. The Annual Report is only available in Finnish.
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29 April 2020 10:10

Third Practice Helsinki premiere postponed to March 2021

Due to the coronavirus pandemic, performances of Third Practice, a collaboration of Tero Saarinen Company and Helsinki Baroque Orchestra, at the Finnish National Opera and Ballet’s Almi Hall are being rescheduled to 2–6 March, 2021. The work starring twelve dancers and the tenor Topi Lehtipuu, plus virtual soprano Núria Rial, was inteded to have its Helsinki premiere season on 10–17 June, 2020.
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29 April 2020 09:00

Coronavirus effects on TSC operations

We are doing everything in our power to help slow the spread of the pandemic. In line with Finnish Government guidelines, we have switched to remote working and all TSC Studio activities are suspended. We are closely following official guidance.
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6 April 2020 16:26

Kullervo available online!

Tero Saarinen's riveting take on Sibelius and The Kalevala is now online at It is also available for Arte subscribers, Yle Areena viewers in Finland, and, part of the official selection of Finnish culture, available via the European Union delegation in the USA #HomeWithEU campaign. The creation is based on an early masterpiece by iconic Finnish composer Jean Sibelius and a timeless story featured in the Finnish national epic, The Kalevala. In his contemporary take on the tale of a young man who seduces his sister, kills his enemies, and falls on his own sword, director-choreographer Tero Saarinen fuses dance with opera and live music. Commissioned by the Finnish National Opera, Kullervo features nearly 100 performers on stage. The FNO and Tero Saarinen Company co-production originally premiered in 2015.
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13 March 2020 12:00

TSC Studio officially opened for use!

Tero Saarinen Company’s new premises at the cultural hub of the Cable Factory in Helsinki, Finland are designed to serve dance comprehensively. Each detail of the Company’s own rehearsal space TSC Studio has been chosen to provide the best possible working conditions for dance and dance artists. On top of TSC’s own rehearsals and training activities, the Studio is opened up for artistic residencies and it is rented out for eg. rehearsal use and workshops.
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12 March 2020 11:43

Residency Artists Broas & Nyberg's Premiere to be Streamed Online

Developed in the first ever residency at Tero Saarinen Company, dance artist Jenna Broas, spatial designer and artist Fabian Nyberg and composer-musician Martin Granö's creation fusing animated video with dance, Truths That Never Were, will be streamed live from TSC Studio on Friday 20 March at 19:00 (GMT +2) due to the coronavirus pandemic. All shows have been postponed and we are looking at alternative dates.
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17 February 2020 10:13

Saarinen's key works on Mezzo

TSC's works are again being featured on Mezzo TV. The global culture channel will show recordings of Morphed and Borrowed Light from 25 February to 20 March, 2020. Both works, filmed at Chaillot and directed by Louise Narboni, were first broadcast on the channel in 2018. Mezzo broadcasts its content, focused on classical music and dance, in 60 countries to 28 million subscribers.
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15 January 2020 11:22
Transit photo Carl Thornberg for Skånes Dansteater

New creation with Sebastian Fagerlund and IC98

Tero Saarinen is working on a new creation, Transit, set to premiere on 3 October, 2020 in Sweden. The creation for 19 dancers is set to the music of contemporary composer Sebastian Fagerlund, to be combined with the sound design of Tuomas Norvio. Thematically Saarinen is exploring the alarming loss of biodiversity. The set design centres on an animated film installation by internationally recognised visual artist duo IC-98, Patrik Söderlund and Visa Suonpää. Lighting design is by Minna Tiikkainen and costume design by Teemu Muurimäki. David Scarantino is the Choreographer's Assistant. Transit is produced as a Nordic co-production and will be premiered by Skånes Dansteater in Sweden. The creation will be available in TSC’s own touring repertoire from 2021.
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20 December 2019 12:38

TERO Morning Classes in Taiwan and Helsinki

Tero Saarinen Company's popular morning classes for professionals will continue in 2020. David Scarantino will teach TERO-technique in Taiwan on 12 - 21 January, as part of the Ehrstrand Dance Collective Winter Workshop at Seed Dance Company. At our brand new TSC Studio in Helsinki, regular TERO Morning Classes for professionals will run from Feburuary 17 to March 27. Online registration open now!
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11 November 2019 09:46

Tero Saarinen's live music creations take over Europe and Asia this fall

Tero Saarinen Company has toured extensively after moving to its new space at the Cable Factory in June. This season’s 18 performances of choreographer Saarinen’s works reached 14 000 spectators in Bruges, Brussels, Helsinki, Hong Kong, Seoul, St. Petersburg, Stuttgart, and Yokohama. The three critically acclaimed creations presented this fall, Breath, Zimmermann Trio and Vortex, differ much in style and form but all feature live music in a pivotal role.
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10 November 2019 15:29

Shaksfin to represent TSC in Asia and Oceania

Tero Saarinen Company has begun collaboration with Shaksfin Asia. Hannes Nimpuno and Jack Lin will represent TSC in Asia and Oceania. Established in 2000, Shaksfin is one of the leading producers of performing arts in the territory and perhaps best known for their work with music. Current dance roster includes Sasha Waltz & Guests, Hofesh Shechter Company and now, Tero Saarinen Company.
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11 September 2019 15:10

Vortex in South Korea and Japan

Tero Saarinen’s Vortex, commissioned by the National Dance Company of Korea in 2014 will once again re-enter the renowned company’s repertoire. Vortex will first have a run in South Korea, this time at the LG Arts Centre on 3-5 October. The NDCK will then tour in Japan with the work: performances at KAAT Kanagawa Arts Theater will take place on 25-27 October.
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28 May 2019 07:49

New TSC Studio available for residencies and rentals

Tero Saarinen Company will relocate to the Cable Factory: a 200m2 dance studio as well as TSC office and technical storage facilities are under renovation. The new TSC Studio will also be rented out as well as used for residencies and demo performances. The space will be equipped with a Harlequin spring floor, simple lighting pipes and sound system.
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7 May 2019 16:00

Breath back on tour!

Tero Saarinen and accordionist extraordinaire Kimmo Pohjonen will tour in Stuttgart, St. Petersburg, Helsinki and Hong Kong next season. The world-renowned artists’ duet intertwines live music, dance and visuals into wild forms and mythical images, infused by Beckett-inspired absurd humour. Tickets for the pair’s home season at the Alexander Theatre in Helsinki just went on sale. Early bird pricing -20% available until 2 June.
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30 April 2019 14:45

2018 Annual Report Published

Tero Saarinen Company's turnover in 2018 was 1,1 million euros. It had activities in 7 countries on 3 continents. TSC performances had 21 000 spectators, averaging at 800 per show. Its 100 audience outreach and training events had 4300 participants. TSC's permanent staff of 9 was complemented with 63 freelancers and service providers. The Annual Report is only available in Finnish.
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18 April 2019 14:24

TSC to tour with Helsinki Philharmonic

Tero Saarinen Company and the Helsinki Philharmonic Orchestra will perform in Brussels and Bruges with Tero Saarinen's choreography Zimmermann Trio. The tour is part of the Cultural Programme for Finland’s Presidency of the Council of the EU.
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28 February 2019 16:13

TSC moving to the Cable Factory

Tero Saarinen Company will relocate to the Cable Factory. A 200 square meter dance studio as well as TSC office and technical storage facilities are under renovation. The opening of the new TSC space is planned for summer 2019.
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2 January 2019 09:35

New TSC creation with Helsinki Baroque Orchestra

Third Practice draws from Monteverdi’s radical heritage. Twelve TSC dancers and HeBO musicians are joined on stage by tenor Topi Lehtipuu and the virtual avatar of Catalonian soprano Núria Rial. Work-in-progress open rehearsals in Helsinki at Finnish National Theatre in May. World premiere at Teatro Amilcare Ponchielli, Rassegna di Danza & Festival Monteverdi in Cremona, Italy, on 29 May 2019. Finnish premiere at Kuopio Dance Festival in June.
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13 December 2018 16:07

TERO Repertoire Intensive in February 2019

TSC’s winter intensive 2019 focuses on Tero Saarinen’s choreographic work. Set to take place on week 8 (winter break in Helsinki), the 5-day course gives a comprehensive overview of TERO Technique and the philosophy behind it. This year’s winter intensive’s special emphasis is in the technique’s transformation into choreography.
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7 December 2018 08:00

Significant acknowledgements for TSC management

TSC Artistic Director Tero Saarinen and Managing Director Iiris Autio received high acknowledgements for their work on Finland's Independence Day. The President of the Republic of Finland awarded Saarinen with the Commander of the Order of the Lion of Finland and Autio with Knight of the Order of the White Rose of Finland.
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26 September 2018 09:25

Mikki Kunttu shortlisted for KOI-USA Award

TSC's long-time Lighting Designer Mikki Kunttu has been shortlisted for Knight of Illumination USA, ETC Award for Dance, for Tero Saarinen Company's Zimmermann Trio.
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21 September 2018 10:57

TERO Morning classes for Professionals

TERO Morning Classes throughout October in Helsinki! A new series of TERO Morning Classes, aimed for dance professionals and students in professional training.
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21 August 2018 13:55

Zimmermann Trio's Finnish premiere at Helsinki Festival

Helsinki Festival presents Zimmermann Trio's Finnish premiere on 30–31 August 2018 at The Helsinki Music Centre.
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13 June 2018 08:41

TSC Managing Director Iiris Autio awarded with Helsinki Golden Medal

Tero Saarinen Company's Managing Director Iiris Autio was awarded with Helsinki Golden Medal on Helsinki Day 12 June for her extensive work in advocating Finnish contemporary dance internationally.
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6 April 2018 09:30

Get a sneak peek of Breath

Breath trailer is now out! Watch the video to get a peek at the new creation by Tero Saarinen and musician Kimmo Pohjonen. The duet receives its world premiere at Grand Théâtre de Québec on 12 April, followed by performances with Danse Danse at Place des Arts' Printemps Nordique festival on 17–21 April.
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21 March 2018 10:00

Zimmermann Trio to Helsinki Festival

The Finnish premiere of Zimmermann Trio – commissioned by the LA Phil and premiered in January 2018 – will be at Helsinki Festival. The performances take place on 30–31 August at the Helsinki Music Centre. Tickets on sale now!
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7 March 2018 12:57

Open Morning Classes for Professionals

Long-awaited open morning classes with Tero Saarinen's movement technique will start running at Alexander Theatre, Helsinki. Aimed for dance professionals and students in professional training, TERO Morning Classes focus on awakening the body and the senses. The classes will be held on Monday, Wednesday and Friday mornings on 16 April–25 May.
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1 March 2018 10:00

New Documentary Film about Tero Saarinen

Rooted with Wings by filmmaker Thomas Freundlich, follows Tero Saarinen over a period of five years from 2014 to 2018. It includes exclusive footage from backstage and performances around the world, and opens up the choreographer's artistic process through his own words. The film premiered at Avant Première in Berlin last month and will be shown in Finland at Loikka dance film festival in April.
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22 January 2018 10:00

TSC at Walt Disney Concert Hall and Chaillot at same time

Commissioned by the Los Angeles Philharmonic, Tero Saarinen's choreography Zimmermann Trio receives its world premiere at Walt Disney Concert Hall, Los Angeles on 19 January. At the same time, Tero Saarinen Company also performs in Paris: choreographed to music by Esa-Pekka Salonen, Morphed will be seen at the renowed Théâtre National de Chaillot on 18–20 January.
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20 January 2018 12:00

TERO Technique training at Steps on Broadway continued

TSC dancer and teacher David Scarantino taught TERO Technique at Steps on Broadway in New York last week. So much enthusiasm in NYC, great to be back!
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16 January 2018 10:00

Training activities in New York and California

At the break of January and February, Tero Saarinen and Sini Länsivuori will hold an eight-day course at Scripps College in California. Directly after, TERO Technique Master Classes in New York will be taught in the guidance of David Scarantino.
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13 January 2018 12:00

TSC team in LA!

Here we go! We have arrived in sunny LA, with first rehearsals of Zimmermann Trio at Walt Disney Concert Hall today. Premiere with LA Phil on Friday 19 Jan!
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4 December 2017 10:00

Breath Finnish premiere at Tampere Hall

After its world premiere season in Canada, Tero Saarinen and Kimmo Pohjonen's duet Breath will be seen in Tampere on 12 May, at Turku City Theatre on 22 May, and at Alexander Theatre in Helsinki on 29 May–1 June. Audiences in Helsinki also have the opportunity to see a work-in-progress open rehearsal on 22–24 March.
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1 November 2017 12:00

Now also on Instagram!

Follow us gain backstage access, see footage from rehearsals and follow us as we travel around the world!
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8 October 2017 15:35

Visit to Breath premiere theatre in Canada

Exciting venue visit to Grand Théâtre de Québec! Breath world premiere here on 12 April, 2018 followed by a season by Danse Danse at Place des Arts 17–21 April and Finnish premiere on 12 May Tampere-talo #TSConTour #TerosSaarinenCompany
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4 October 2017 16:00

TSC USA-Canada Tour Diary

Go behind the scenes of our Morphed tour via video entries to be posted on Instagram and Facebook throughout October. #TSConTour #Morphed #terosaarinencompany
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9 August 2017 06:00

Tero Saarinen Company at leading venues in Europe and North America in season 2017/18

This season, Tero Saarinen Company will perform at many of the world's most prestigious venues in London, New York, Paris, Los Angeles and Montreal.
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7 June 2017 08:00

Morphed tours in Europe and North America

This spring, Morphed was seen in Croatia and Serbia. Next the creation opens St. Petersburg's Open Look International Dance Festival on 30 June. on 4 August, it will be performed at Civitanova Danza in Italy and on 10 August at Royal Festival Hall in London.
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2 June 2017 09:00

Become Tero Saarinen Company's Member, Friend or Supporter and visit London

Tero Saarinen Company's Members, Friends and Supporters have the opportunity to spend time with the Company in London on 10–11 August, and see Morphed at the Southbank Centre's amazing Royal Festival Hall.
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15 March 2017 09:00

New creation from Tero Saarinen and Kimmo Pohjonen

Choreographer-dancer Tero Saarinen and composer-accordionist Kimmo Pohjonen join forces in a new creation titled Breath. The creation will receive its world premiere on 12 April, 2018 at Grand Théâtre de Québec and at Place des Arts in Montréal, Canada programmed by Danse Danse.
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1 March 2017 09:00

LA Phil commissions a choreography from Tero Saarinen

The Los Angeles Philharmonic has commissioned a creation from Finnish choreographer Tero Saarinen. Saarinen's take on Bernd Zimmermann's Cello Concerto en forme de pas de trois (1966) will premiere at the iconic Walt Disney Concert Hall on January 19, 2018.
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