TERO Morning classes for Professionals

TERO Morning Classes for dance professionals and advanced students continue in October.
 Similar to last spring’s popular sessions, the tri-weekly classes focus on awakening the body and the senses. Saarinen’s style is explored through TERO Technique excercises as well as choreographic material from Saarinen’s creations. October classes are taught by Dancer-Teacher David Scarantino.

Mon – Wed – Fri from Oct 1 to Nov 2, 2018 at 10:00 – 11:30
(Week 42 (Oct 15 to Oct 19) daily: Mon thru Fri )

Duration: 90 min. At: Alexander Theatre, Big Ballet Studio. Language: English. For: professional dancers and students in professional training. Price: single class 12€, 5x card 54€, 10x card 108€

Registrations & payment in advance
, online at www.varaaheti.fi/terosaarinencompany/en

Registration must be made 24 hours before the class starts. The entry fee needs to be made in advance, with the reservation. 
Maximum amount of participants is 20. Classes are cancelled in case there are less than 3 bookings 24hrs prior to the beginning of the class. In this case, participants will receive an email notification and the already paid entry fee will be reimbursed.
Cancellations for single class purchases must be made by email (intern@terosaarinen.com) before the registration time closes. 10-time card-holders and 5-time card-holders may cancel bookings directly from the system, at latest 24hrs before the beginning of the class. Further information: intern@terosaarinen.com / +358 9 68131881