2024 residencies explore death, grief and transform movement into music

Project Afterlife seeks a connection to death through theatre and dance

The first TSC residency in 2024 kicked off in January with Project Afterlife by Jenni Kivelä & Kiltit ihmiset. The work seeks ways to connect with the dead and asks whether it is possible to find a space where one can still be in contact with a late someone. The performance wants to approach the unknown with an open mind and explore the unconscious and the unnamable.

Jenni Kivelä graduated as a choreographer from the Theatre Academy in 2002. She has created performances in the name of the group, Kiltit ihmiset, since 2006. The creative team also includes dance artists Ninu Lindfors and Linda Holma, lighting and video designer Teo Lanerva, costume designer Liisa Pesonen, producer Inari Pesonen and sound designer Joonas Outakoski.

Summer Sound Residency transforms bodily movement into music

In Summer Sound Residency, the moving body acts as an instrument for music and composition. Charo Calvo, composer of electroacoustic music and former dancer, has just finished a research of two years about physical movement and sound spatial movement. The residency is a continuation to this research, using motion capture and virtual reality to capture physical movement into sound.

At TSC Studio, Calvo is joined by sound designer Christophe Albertini and choreographer-dancer Bahar Temiz. The sound material generated by the movement will create a multi-channel composition incorporating acoustic and electronic materials.

Broas & Nyberg in studio residency in February

Dance artist Jenna Broas and spatial and video artist Fabian Nyberg will take over the TSC Studio for a week-long studio residency with the work Huomisen suru (Tomorrow’s grief). Broas & Nyberg’s work is an exploration of grief, the memory of a loved one and of a broken world. The themes of the work are inspired by the concept of grief and abandonment, and the embodied experience of it. The creation seeks to address grief as a shared experience that connects us as individuals and also connects us to other organisms as well as  the environment.