Tero Saarinen's Vortex in South Korea and Japan

Tero Saarinen’s Vortexcommissioned by the National Dance Company of Korea in 2014 will once again re-enter the renowned company’s repertoire. Saarinen was the first Western choreographer to work with the NDCK. The collaboration has become a huge success, brought back by popular demand in Seoul several times. In 2015, Vortex was also invited to open the Cannes Dance Festival. The work for 25 dancers features live music by Be-being. Vortex will once again have a run in South Korea, this time at the LG Arts Centre on 3-5 October. The NDCK will then tour in Japan with the work: performances at KAAT Kanagawa Arts Theater will take place on 25-27 October.
Tero Saarinen Company’s own tour highlights this season include Breath, the duet by Tero Saarinen and Kimmo Pohjonen, at the Alexander Theatre in Helsinki on 25–28 September and at the World Cultures Festival, Ko Shan Theatre in Hong Kong on 8–9 November. TSC will also tour with the Helsinki Philharmonic Orchestra, performing Zimmmermann Trio, at Bozar in Brussels (10 October) and Concertgebouw Brugge (11 October).

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