Joonas Tikkanen


Joonas Tikkanen has studied Light and Video design at the Tampere University of Applied Sciences, graduating in 2012. He has worked in the performing arts field since 2005 and designed his first works in 2008. Tikkanen has worked as a designer in various productions in dance, theatre, music, circus and installation art.

His latest works have been presented in Aniara, a co-production by Klockriketeater and The Crossing Choi; in the third stage version of dance opera Gandari by indonesian composer Tony Prabow, and in Skapelsen and Tolvskillingsoperan by the Swedish Folkoperan. Johanna Nuutinen‘s choreography Hz (2022) is Tikkanen’s first collaboration with Tero Saarinen Company. Tikkanen is also the set and lighting designer in Tero Saarinen‘s Wedge.

”[Joonas Tikkanen] was responsible for the scenography of all three works, and none of the performances would have been the same without his expressive lights. -- The light kept moving with the dancers or the music”

- Demokraatti (Finland), 9 May, 2022 / Wedge

”In addition to the dancers, the strongest elements of the creation are Joonas Tikkanen's technically complex but seemingly simple visualization and Tuomas Norvio's sound design.”

- Helsingin Sanomat (Finland), 1 April, 2022 / Hz

”-- a special praise goes to Joonas Tikkanen for scenography and lighting in all three works, each with its own character. Particularly impressive is his collaboration with Tero Saarinen, where the magical, even virtuoso lighting lifts the work to completely new heights.”

- Hufvudstadsbladet (Finland), 14 May, 2022 / Wedge

”Joonas Tikkanen’s wonderful lights open up the space as if there were parallel realities on stage”

- Helsingin Sanomat (Finland), 7 May, 2022 / Wedge

”The scenography was the most exquisite work I've ever seen in a dance creation”

- Audience feedback / Hz

”An amazing piece -- especially the use of the black fabric was insightful and visually impressive”

- Audience feedback / Hz