Jakke Kastelli

Multimedia programmer

Jakke Kastelli, responsible for the multimedia programming in HUNT, is an audiovisual and new-media professional with an impressive track record. Having received his Bachelor’s degree from Tornio College for Art and Communication in 1996, Kastelli has, for instance, worked as a documentary-film photographer and editor, and in the theatre as a light designer and director.

Since the mid-1990s, he has principally concentrated on programming and designing new media projects and on consultancy work. Apart from the business sector, his new-media project clients include state and local-government organisations, along with prominent artists such as Kimmo Pohjonen and Marita Liulia.

On top of that, he has worked as a course instructor for various companies and public bodies, such as YLE – Finnish Broadcasting Company, the Institute of Design at Lahti University of Applied Sciences and the Sibelius Academy.